Most of these forms are linked to the State of Connecticut Judicial Court Forms. The Judicial Forms are available in two formats: PDF and Fillable. Go to the website and follow the instructions. The forms that have “click here” are available from our website. Click on the link and print out the form.

General Forms Form #
General Waiver PC-181
Appearance of Attorney PC-183
Estate Forms
New Estate Memorandum click here
Affidavit of Closing for Estate PC-213
Return of Claims and List of Notified Creditors PC-237
Decedent’s Estate Administration Account (short form) PC-242
Acceptance and Waiver re: Financial Report PC-244A
Acceptance and Waiver re: Final Account PC-245
Financial Report PC-246
Application to Sell or Mortgage Real Property PC-400
Inventory PC-440
CT706NT Estate (Inheritance) Tax Return click here
Petition/Administration or Probate of Will PC-200
Affidavit for Filing Will Not Submitted for Probate PC-211
Affidavit in Lieu of Administration PC-212
Request for Order of Distributions PC-212A
Petition for Appointment of Conservator PC-300
Petition for Voluntary Representation by Conservator PC-301
Physician’s Evaluation Form PC-370
Conservator’s Report PC-371
Fiduciary’s Periodic or Final Account PC-441
Financial Report PC-442
Guardianships and Trusts
Fiduciary’s Periodic or Final Account PC-442
Financial Report PC-443